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Boyd Consulting Partners is one of the preeminent staffing firms that specializes in the Philadelphia marketplace. We place highly skilled professionals in full-time positions within Asset Management.  Our client are Private Equity firms, Investment Banks, Money Managers, Trust Companies and Wealth Managers.

Benefits of Working with BCP

With a surge in mass-market job portals operating as a link between employers and employees, one would think that seeking employment has become less daunting. Searches for jobs are possible at the click of the mouse. Candidates have access to an ocean of employment choices and it is not surprising that they are left overwhelmed with the numerous choices at their disposal.

Applying through job portals requires the candidate to write or rewrite his/her profile/resume to match the requirement of the job advertised. This is more easily said than done. It is a time consuming exercise and becomes demanding especially when you are balancing work and personal life. A professional touch augments your chances of being employed quicker.

A smart choice would be to seek the help of a recruitment agency such as BCP, who can assist you with your job search. Recruitment agencies are professionals who work towards linking skill requirements with the available skills on their database. They can offer placements in a wide range of professions and industries. Most recruitment agencies also offer integrated solutions for skill development and career growth. Registering with a recruitment agency gives you various advantages.

Why choose a Recruitment Agency?

Wider Choice - They tend to have access to a wider variety of job opportunities across various verticals, positions and industries. Many organizations use their services rather than advertising themselves. You’ll gain access to jobs that are otherwise not available in the open market.

Timesaving - Almost all recruitment agencies maintain a candidate database. Registering with a Recruitment Agency is the key to open doors to number of job opportunities. It is a one-time process. However, it is advisable to update whenever there is any addition to your skills/experience etc. Recruitment agencies take it on them to do the spadework to land you in the right job.

Salary - Trained Recruitment Consultants offer salary advice and assist you in obtaining the right pay commensurate with your experience and skill.

New Opportunities - Your recruitment consultant might surprise you by submitting your resume to a range of jobs including some that you might not have considered in your wildest dreams. They may be in real showing you a new direction and encourage you to accept positions that you are fully equipped and skilled to handle.

Unique Job Offers - Your recruitment agency might be associated with certain organizations who can offer a good job opportunity for you. They might not be in the public eye yet could offer a more conducive environment for career growth.

Staying Ahead - You have an edge over other candidates as your consultant, who works closely with employers, might provide you with more insight into the organization, the position, the interviewer, the work culture, the environment etc. Recruitment consultants provide useful interview techniques, which can further assist you in handling the interviews.

Resume Writing - Assistance Some recruitment agencies provide useful inputs on how to highlight key skills in your resume. This will put you in favorable light with your prospective employer. Certain agencies also provide professional resume writing services. This proves beneficial especially for those who had an awkward or difficult employment history and find it difficult to explain it on paper.

Referral Checks - Recruitment agencies take it on them to do the referral check. Hence, your referrals will be called only once irrespective of the number of times the recruitment agency puts forward your resume to a prospective employer.

Collateral - Recruitment Agency serves as collateral in your search for a job. They have contacts in various fields and can work to get you a job in your chosen profession. Their recommendations can speak volumes in comparison to a speculative resume obtained from a job portal.

Confidentiality - They ensure that your personal details and resume are kept confidential. This information is provided to prospective employers only with your permission. This is an added advantage than just registering it on a job portal.

Recruitment firms can be a one-stop solution for all your job search needs. It is suggested to register with a reputed firm which specializes in your field of interest.

The BCP Search Process

Over the years, we at Boyd Consulting Partners has developed and honed a best-practices approach that makes the entire recruiting process, from candidate identification and initial contact through to arriving for your first day at your new position, as intuitive and seamless as possible.  The greatest benefit of working with the recruiting professionals at BCP is their expertise in this process, which results in an efficient, well-managed experience where you feel involved and informed every step of the way.

Just as BCP commits to every candidate that we will provide excellent service and guidance throughout each search, we expect that you will commit to work within our parameters throughout the process to help us make the experience a positive one for you and our client companies.

Although some of the steps listed below may be altered slightly or may not apply to all BCP searches, they represent the hiring process typically set in place for our candidates that is most likely to translate into a successful relationship for all involved. 

Submit Online BCP Candidate Data Form (click here to access) – This is an important first step to working with BCP.  While we may not always be currently working on a search that is the right fit for you (or maybe your current career or personal circumstances preclude you from making a move right now), completing this form provides us with some preliminary information regarding your background and goals.  On it, you will provide a summary of current and past positions, your duties, skills, compensation, training and formal education.  Also requested are details regarding why you would leave your present role, what new challenges would be of greatest interest in your next position and what your salary requirements would be if you were to make a change at this time.

This profile data will enable us to include you in future BCP database searches so we can continue to keep in contact whenever the right positions come our way.  All information entered by you is secure and confidential; we will NEVER present your background to clients until first reviewing a specific opportunity with you and obtaining your permission to do so.

Review of Position Requirements – After we identify that we are working to fill a position that appears to be consistent with your background and career goals, a BCP recruiting professional will arrange a time convenient to you to discuss specific requirements of the role (e.g. responsibilities, expected skills, hours, location, travel, etc.) and determine whether there is a potential match.  We will also take this opportunity to update our database with any relevant changes to your profile.

Resume Construction/Delivery – If we determine jointly that you will pursue the position as a candidate, you will be asked to provide an updated resume.  Your Recruiting Professional can provide guidance and feedback to help you with this.  Additionally, click here for some quick tips that you may find useful.

Reference & Background Checks – Your Recruiting Professional will conduct 3 reference checks with individuals (recent colleagues, past managers, etc.) provided by you.  Additionally, based upon client requirements we may also find it necessary to complete other background investigations, including criminal and credit checks and various types of drug tests.

Presentation of Your Profile – At this time we sit down with our client and review with them the profiles of who we believe to be the top candidates, determining which will proceed to the interview stage.  We typically also arrange pre-set interview dates and times with the various individuals who will participate for our client.

Prep Calls – Prior to your interview, your Recruiting Professional will schedule a time to review the itinerary and prepare you for the day.  Discussed will be directions to the facility, some background info regarding the company and the interviewers, any particular areas of your experience to be certain to highlight, any specific questions that may be asked about your skills or other items in your profile, etc.  Also reviewed will be the culture of the company and suitable attire and conduct for that environment.  We also, of course, recommend that you do some of your own research regarding the company to enter the interview as knowledgeable as possible. Click here to review some interview preparation ideas.

Client Interviews – Your interviews may be conducted in person at either the client site or BCP offices, or remotely via telephone or video conferencing (or some combination therein).  They may be all conducted in one session or several and may be with one individual or numerous stakeholders.  Your Recruiting Professional will ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with the expected interview steps so that you can manage your calendar accordingly.

Interview Feedback – After each step of the interview process, it is critical that you contact your Recruiting Professional immediatelyto share your feedback.  We’ll ask your overall reaction to the position and the people you met and whether you have any remaining questions or concerns about the opportunity.  Ultimately, we’ll be gauging your interest in the opportunity and your willingness to continue with the process.  It is imperative that your Recruiting Professional be able to share this feedback with the company.  Likewise, we will also provide their feedback to you as soon as it is available.

Offer Negotiation & Acceptance – Your Recruiting Professional, based upon prior discussions about your requirements and the company’s available range, has already determined that the position is in line with your compensation expectations.  One of the great benefits of working with BCP is that we handle all aspects of the offer negotiation and acceptance process on your behalf.   

Transition – Congratulations!  You have accepted a dynamic opportunity and are eager to embark on a new chapter in your career.  In your excitement, you also realize that you still face the task of resigning from your current role and preparing for the change.  Your Recruiting Professional will continue to provide guidance during this time to help you manage this transition professionally and in a way that reflects positively on you.

Networking – If your skills and experience are in line with our clients’ hiring profile, chances are that many of your current or former colleagues, network contacts etc. would be as well.  Our business thrives on the continual expansion and development of our network, so we always appreciate referrals who can help us in this regard.  We at BCP believe that our connection with you does not stop once you begin your new position.  We continue to interact with past candidates for many years to come, either as you look for new opportunities down the road or find that you need our services at your new employer.